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To make sure you only pay for the space you need, there are a variety of unit sizes to choose from. Spaces are ranging from 10ft2 to 250ft2 and almost every size in between.

How much storage space you need depends on what items you want to store. The storage estimator below gives you an idea of how much space you are likely to need.

Please bear in mind, this is only a guide and that with careful packing you may need less storage space, but also awkwardly shaped objects may need more space.

If you are unsure which is the best size for you, call us and we’ll be happy to help!

Pandora Self Storage Locker Unit
Pandora Self Storage Locker Unit


Unit size 10ft2

These MINI units are comparable to the space of an estate car boot.

The units are big enough to store a set of luggage or a few medium sized boxes. They are ideal for students to store belongings in between terms or micro businesses in need of storing their archive boxes.

Indoor Unit Pandora Self Storage
Pandora Self Storage Indoor Unit


Unit sizes 25ft2 | 30ft2 | 35ft2 | 40ft2 | 45ft2

The capacity of the SMALL units ranges from the space of a small to a medium sized van.

Our 25ft2, 30ft2 and 35ft2 units have room for approximately 15 medium sized boxes, a fridge, washing machine, small table, desk, several stacked chairs and a chest of drawers. They are also perfect for storing seasonal items such as garden furniture, garden tools and winter sports equipment.

40ft2 and 45ft2 units are an excellent size to store contents of a studio flat. E-commerce businesses and other small businesses will find enough space to store excess or seasonal stock, merchandise, work tools and equipment as well as archive boxes.

Indoor Unit Pandora Self Storage
Pandora Self Storage Indoor Unit


Unit sizes 50ft2 | 55ft2 | 60ft2 | 70ft2 | 75ft2 

The space of the MEDIUM sized units ranges from that of a large van to a Luton van.

Our 50ft2, 55ft2 and 60ft2 units are popular with single households or couples in need to store contents of a small one bedroom flat including a two seater sofa and double bed.

The 70ft2 and 75ft2 spaces can usually accommodate the storage needs of a two bedroom flat. If you pack and store carefully there might even be space left for your bicycle or sports equipment.

Pandora Self Storage Indoor Unit
Pandora Self Storage


Unit sizes 100ft2| 125ft2| 140ft2|150ft2|200ft2 | 250ft2

Our 100ft2 and 125ft2 units compare to the contents of two transit vans or a large single garage.

These spacious units will easily store the volume of an average two bedroom house. It is also a good size for businesses wanting to store some office furniture and equipment or for those with a lot of stock.

140ft2and 150ft2 units have got a similar capacity to three transit vans or one lorry.

They are suitable for a three bedroom house and perfect for businesses moving or renovating office or having very large stock quantities.

The 200ft2 and 250ftunits are currently our largest spaces and equate to the size of a large removal lorry or the capacity of a double garage.

They can typically store the contents of an average four bedroom house with space left for a snooker table, piano or garden furniture. These large units also make an excellent choice for businesses with bulky equipment or palletised goods.

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